About Us

The company originally opened in 1922 as The Portsmouth Cement and Lime Company. In fact the largest part of the facility is on the national historical register and can be traced back to the mid 1800’s. This long history has groomed our staff to be extremely well versed in our product lines and how to integrate every product into the project at hand. We pride ourselves on serving every customer, from the large contractor to the everyday DIY homeowner, with that knowledge.
In 2013 ownership changed hands. Although the name changed to PCL Building Supply Company to better reflect our core business, the way we work with our customers has not changed. We will continue to serve our customers with superior customer service as we always have. In order to show our continued focus on increasing this exceptional experience, the new ownership has upgraded the technology of the company, as well as have been adding new product lines to service client needs better. This new direction coupled with the experience of the staff will be a whole new way of looking at the building materials business.